Waterbowl Weekender 14 Results

Monkeytrumpet (21672) Lizardmen

Runner up
Don_Vito (10434) Amazons

Third Place
Winkle_Picka (12545) Wood Elves

Most Touchdowns
AndyDavo (19726) Wood Elves

Most Casualties
Tats (25375) Chaos

Stunty Cup
mjallen (26077) Goblins

Best Painted
darkdan (17198) Amazons

Other Awards

  • Wooden Spoon/Boxer Shorts of Alternative Achievement
    BenShaw (27370) Humans
  • Couldn’t Score…
    gillywonka (21831) Chaos
  • Least Dangerous
    ahzek (25975) Dark Elves
  • Best Tyro!
    lolcaeser (26745) Chaos
  • Best Overseas Coach
    Candlejack (5844) Amazons
  • King of the Surfs (sponsored by AndyDavo)
    thor87 (21674) Khorne
  • The Foul Appreciation Society Award (Most Fouls – sponsored by Zerosgiven)
    FatboySlimming (25467) Chaos Pact
  • Best Sunday Comeback
    Jawa (24641) Dark Elves
  • Nosebleed Award
    Howza (27363) Skaven

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