Rick Wreckless holds his LEGO figure first prize

Stunty Slam 2022 – Rick Wreckless wins!

Rick Wreckless holds his LEGO figure first prize
Rick holds his mighty prize.

On Saturday 10th 2022, 28 coaches turned out for the 14th edition of the Stunty Slam.

After three action packed rounds a whopping six coaches were tied for first place so we went to a roll-off. The coach that could roll a d6 furthest across the table without it falling off the other end would be the winner.

The pressure got to some of our contenders but not Giovanni (Java) who put up a valiant fight, or Rick whose champion roll made him the winner for the first time and also secured the title for Black Orc Goblins on their debut.

Other prize-winners:

Runner-Up: Java (Skinks)

Most TDS: Sn34kyB4c0n (Snotlings)

Most CAS: Blessedknight (Goblin)

AV1 Award: Dafo (Black Orc Goblin)

Leaky Defence: Brigadier Cogsworth (Goblin)

Wooden Spoon: VladtheImp (Halfling)

A couple of standout moments were: Blessedknight pitch-clearing Dafo’s Black Orc Goblins but the result being a 0:0 (14:0 on CAS!) draw, and Doug’s Bomber Dribblesnot starting Rd 3 by removing Krunkle Dunkle’s Deeproot on turn 1.

The final standings are below, as is a fabulous picture from VladtheImp displaying himself enjoying his prize for winning the Wooden Spoon.

We hope to have a date locked in for next year very soon.

Final Standings
The final standings (before the roll-off)
VladtheImp shows off his lovely t-shirt
Vlad is the Big Spoon

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