Now that we are using Blood Bowl Season 2 we are currently unable to use the OBBLM as they have not updated to meet the  needs of the new edition.

Thankfully there is Tourplay to fill the void. As it stands this does not do everything we’d like, but it does do a lot of it, and the admins regularly update the site and add new features.

Unlike the OBBLM, Tourplay is not free to use so there will be a charge per coach per head. We will update coaches regarding subs fees when that has been decided.


  1. go to  and create an account
  2. look for the current competition. For the 2021/22 Premier League go here.
  3. Teams need to be completed on Tourplay and paid for (see below) by the end of Friday September 3rd to be eligible for the coming season.
  4. To create your team go to the Participants tab and click on Register (this option should be on your top right)
  5. Add your team details, player names, and also include a contact email in your coach information.
  6. Once the team is created find your new squad in your Teams list on the left of the screen. Click on the team name, choose the cog icon, and pick your squad. To add your player name click on the player and then click the pen icon. This will enable you to enter the name.

Season Subs

The subs for the current Premier League season will be £6 This will cover the cost of hosting the competition on Tourplay and also prizes.

To pay your fees please use send it, using the Friends and Family option, to using Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account please message Alex Wormall/Leipziger on Facebook to arrange payment in cash.

Once your payment is received your team will then be activated so it can participate in the season.

Recording Games

  1. Tourplay works best if both coaches can have the site open throughout the game, but if you are struggling for internet connection/battery life you can write the information during the game and then add it before you leave.
  2. If you are struggling to find your game go to the Scores tab and then scroll down to your fixture (For the earlier rounds you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page) and then click on it. Your fixture screen should then open up and you will see a yellow ‘start’ button.
  3. Both coaches have to be online at the same time to start the game, and to conclude it (I’m not sure about for recording the tds, cas etc.)
  4. Once the game has started you will have the option to have the site automate the pre-game e.g. Dedicated fans, weather etc or to do them manually and enter them on the site.
  5. In game it is straightforward to record incidents. If you look at the bottom of the page when the game is in progress you will find tabs for TDs, CAS etc. A coach only needs to record what happens to their team e.g. if your blitzer #2 caused a casualty you will select CAS and and select your player, your opponent clicks INJ and then selects their player and enters the injury roll at the top of the page (you may need to scroll up if you are using your phone) They then select their player again and the injury will be added.
  6. The MVP selection is random so when Tourplay asks you to select three candidates ignore that and just click roll. The site will then give you a random MVP.
  7. As with the start of the game Tourplay can randomise your designated fans etc but if you prefer you can roll manually and enter your results.
  8. If you make an error recording, then it is simple to correct during the match.
  9. To conclude the match both coaches will need to click on the  end match button.
  10. In the event of e.g. a concession you can click on the Incidence button and that should give you the option of calling the game off.
  11. If you have made an error and then concluded the match please let an admin (Alex W/Leipziger or CJ) know and we can correct that.
  12. To make a skill roll click on an eligible player on your roster and then a menu will appear where you choose which kind of roll you are making e.g. random primary, selected primary etc.
  13. To make postgame purchases scroll down to Coaching Staff and click on the cog. You will then get the option to purchase or dismiss staff.
  14. If you are choosing a random skill either roll that skill in front of your opponent/use Tourplay at the end of your game or contact an admin and we will do that for you.