Stunty Slam 13 – Barney Wins!

Barney happily holding his cuddly squig
Barney holding his well-deserved winner’s prize.
Phil holding his halloween popper toys that he won for coming last
Phil proudly holds his Wooden Spoon award


On the 30th October 2021, 22 coaches gathered at Element Games to contest the 13th edition of the Stunty Slam.

We had a good spread of races:

  • 6 Halfling
  • 5 Goblin
  • 5 Snotling
  • 4 Ogre

Coaches had 1.1 million to spend on team build, and then 42 skill points to upgrade players.

After three rounds of excellent Stunty nonsense only one team had mustered a full complement of wins, and that was the Snotling team coached by Barney the Lurker.

Barney’s winning roster was:

  • 2 x Block trolls
  • 1 x Tackle pump wagon
  • 1 x Sure Feet stilty runna
  • 1 x Sneaky Git stilty runna
  • 1 x Diving Tackle fun hoppa
  • 1 x fungus flinga
  • 7 x snotlings
  • Riotous Rookies
  • 2 x Rerolls
  • 2 x Bribes

Other winners were:

2nd: Elperas

3rd: CJBlackburn

Most TDs: Thor (5)

Most CAS: Blessedknight (26)

Av1 Award for the Most Damaged: Muttley

Most Scored On: Bill

Wooden Spoon: Vagabond1982uk

The Stunty Slam will return on September 10th 2022!

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