The OBBLM is the website that we use to run competitions away from the Premier League (that uses Tourplay) such as the Vets League.

Getting Started

  • If you are a new coach you will need to create an account. Click on ‘Login’ then choose ‘Register’. You will also need to follow these steps if you are a returning coach that has not used the website since they updated the system for the current Blood Bowl edition.
  • Choose the WB (Stockport) as your home league.
  • Wait for an admin to activate your account. If this is taking a little while please let us know using the Ask An Admin chat option on Facebook.
  • Please do not keep creating multiple accounts.
  • Once activated you can crack on with creating your team for competition by selecting the relevant option from the ‘User Menu’ dropdown menu.
  • To find our League homepage you will need to choose our league from the ‘Home’ dropdown.
  • When choosing your team name please make sure that it complies with the league’s Code of Conduct.

Recording Your Game

  • There are a few ways to get to your game template e.g. go to your team profile and look at Recent and Coming Games, or look at Upcoming Matches on the League Menu drop down.
  • Under the column headed ‘match’ you’ll see ‘view’, click on that option.
  • You will then see something like this one.
  • The INJ column refers to injuries that have happened to your player. If your player has caused an injury put that information into one of the Bh (Badly Hurt), Si (Serious Injury), Ki (Kill) boxes. If your player gets hurt and also gets a Stat reduction (e.g. -1 PA) record this information by putting one injury into the INJ column e.g. Ni (Niggle) and then the Stat reduction in the first of the Ageing options.
  • Remember to keep pressing ‘Save’ once you have entered data. You’ll find that button at the bottom of the screen.
  • It is important to record the information in timely fashion. If you forget to enter data and have not done so with in a week/by a deadline then the Admin will lock the template so it will no longer be possible to add information.