Waterbowl Weekend 2022 – Gritter wins!

Gritter receives the winner's trophy
Martin receiving the winner’s prize

On the 20th February this year’s Waterbowl Weekend drew to a close and there was a new winner on the victory roll.

Gritter joined the ranks of coaches that have taken home the title using lizardmen as his Smashy Dodgers went 5/1/0 and finished on top of the standings.

In second place we had Per-Otto (Poj-Poj) from Norway. His sneaky git deathroller dwarves came close to giving him a Waterbowl double as he has already won the Waterbowl tournament that was run on BB2.

Per-Otto from Norway takes second place
Per-Otto receives the runner-up prize

We had our biggest Stunty Cup ever and it came down to the wire. After leading all weekend, CJ’s Ogres (with Griff) were pipped at the death by Volkajo’s snotlings (with Morg)

Timo wins the Stunty Cup
Timo receives the Stunty Cup prize

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