Stunty Slam 2022 – Rick Wreckless wins!

Rick Wreckless holds his LEGO figure first prize
Rick holds his mighty prize.

On Saturday 10th 2022, 28 coaches turned out for the 14th edition of the Stunty Slam.

After three action packed rounds a whopping six coaches were tied for first place so we went to a roll-off. The coach that could roll a d6 furthest across the table without it falling off the other end would be the winner.

The pressure got to some of our contenders but not Giovanni (Java) who put up a valiant fight, or Rick whose champion roll made him the winner for the first time and also secured the title for Black Orc Goblins on their debut.

Other prize-winners:

Runner-Up: Java (Skinks)

Most TDS: Sn34kyB4c0n (Snotlings)

Most CAS: Blessedknight (Goblin)

AV1 Award: Dafo (Black Orc Goblin)

Leaky Defence: Brigadier Cogsworth (Goblin)

Wooden Spoon: VladtheImp (Halfling)

A couple of standout moments were: Blessedknight pitch-clearing Dafo’s Black Orc Goblins but the result being a 0:0 (14:0 on CAS!) draw, and Doug’s Bomber Dribblesnot starting Rd 3 by removing Krunkle Dunkle’s Deeproot on turn 1.

The final standings are below, as is a fabulous picture from VladtheImp displaying himself enjoying his prize for winning the Wooden Spoon.

We hope to have a date locked in for next year very soon.

Final Standings
The final standings (before the roll-off)
VladtheImp shows off his lovely t-shirt
Vlad is the Big Spoon

Waterbowl Weekend 2022 – Gritter wins!

Gritter receives the winner's trophy
Martin receiving the winner’s prize

On the 20th February this year’s Waterbowl Weekend drew to a close and there was a new winner on the victory roll.

Gritter joined the ranks of coaches that have taken home the title using lizardmen as his Smashy Dodgers went 5/1/0 and finished on top of the standings.

In second place we had Per-Otto (Poj-Poj) from Norway. His sneaky git deathroller dwarves came close to giving him a Waterbowl double as he has already won the Waterbowl tournament that was run on BB2.

Per-Otto from Norway takes second place
Per-Otto receives the runner-up prize

We had our biggest Stunty Cup ever and it came down to the wire. After leading all weekend, CJ’s Ogres (with Griff) were pipped at the death by Volkajo’s snotlings (with Morg)

Timo wins the Stunty Cup
Timo receives the Stunty Cup prize

Stunty Slam 13 – Barney Wins!

Barney happily holding his cuddly squig
Barney holding his well-deserved winner’s prize.
Phil holding his halloween popper toys that he won for coming last
Phil proudly holds his Wooden Spoon award


On the 30th October 2021, 22 coaches gathered at Element Games to contest the 13th edition of the Stunty Slam.

We had a good spread of races:

  • 6 Halfling
  • 5 Goblin
  • 5 Snotling
  • 4 Ogre

Coaches had 1.1 million to spend on team build, and then 42 skill points to upgrade players.

After three rounds of excellent Stunty nonsense only one team had mustered a full complement of wins, and that was the Snotling team coached by Barney the Lurker.

Barney’s winning roster was:

  • 2 x Block trolls
  • 1 x Tackle pump wagon
  • 1 x Sure Feet stilty runna
  • 1 x Sneaky Git stilty runna
  • 1 x Diving Tackle fun hoppa
  • 1 x fungus flinga
  • 7 x snotlings
  • Riotous Rookies
  • 2 x Rerolls
  • 2 x Bribes

Other winners were:

2nd: Elperas

3rd: CJBlackburn

Most TDs: Thor (5)

Most CAS: Blessedknight (26)

Av1 Award for the Most Damaged: Muttley

Most Scored On: Bill

Wooden Spoon: Vagabond1982uk

The Stunty Slam will return on September 10th 2022!

Waterbowl 2020 Results – Lycos Wins!

112 coaches attended this year’s Waterbowl Weekend, and it all came down to a nail-biting finish. After 6 hard fought rounds we found ourselves with a 7 way tie for top spot, with all of those coaches finishing with a 4/2/0 record. Lycos took home the title (his second) thanks to a stronger strength of schedule than his opponents.

The Winners:

First: Lycos (Lizardmen) – his 2nd WB title
Second: Siggi (Undead) – & Best Overseas Coach
Third: AntonLunau (Lizardmen)
Most TDs: Fireolli (WEs) 15 TDs
Most Cas: Drewcifer (Dwarves) 25 CAS
Stunty Cup: Thegngrnoob (Halflings)
Best Kid: Enderman (Brets)
Best Painted: Thor87 (Orc)
Best Comeback: Tintenfisch (CDs) +49 places on Day 2
Best Defence: Ringbeard (Norse) 1 TD allowed
Best WB coach: Podfrey (Undead) 5th
Biggest Nosedive: Yersinia (Nurgle) -53 places on Day 2
Least Dangerous: Dementor (Pro Elves) 1 Cas caused
Couldn’t Score… : Widram (Lizardmen) 2 TDs scored
Wooden Spoon: Lolcaesar (Chaos)
Best Fouler: Fatboyslimming (Goblins) 87 fouls committed.


Waterbowl Tableau

Waterbowl Tableau – how it works and what we learn (by sann).

As with a few other tournaments, I have published an analysis of the rosters that people are taking to Waterbowl, one of the UK’s largest, oldest and most prestigious Blood Bowl tournament.  I’ll describe quickly what the tabs do, and then a bit of analysis.

  • Mobile Coach is designed for viewing on a mobile, so for the Coaches at the tournament to quickly check out their opponent’s roster.

The rest of the tabs are best viewed on a larger screen:

  • Coach Rosters is a full list of all the coaches with their races, and if you click on a Coach then you can see the roster
  • Race Summary shows how many of each Race have been taken, and if you click on a Race you can see who took, what positions they took, and how many of each skill were taken
  • Skill Summary shows how many of each Skill were taken, and if you click on a skill you can see which positions it was taken on. Hovering over a position with a given skill will tell you which Coaches took that skill on that player.
  • Race Position Choice is a simple table showing how many of each position were taken for each race, along with an average.
  • Skill Pack simply shows which of the Waterbowl skill packs were taken
  • The last two tabs are used in the previous ones for when you hover on a given cell, so won’t look good by themselves!

So, the findings!

  • Waterbowl is super-bash heavy this year – Undead, Dwarf, Orc, Norse, Lizards, Chaos Dwarf dominating the line-up. Has this been influenced by the removal of the 2+ TD win bonus?
  • Amazons have to have Roxy!
  • The new Ogres are lovely but not lovely enough to encourage people to brave an untiered ruleset! 10 in total in the Stunty cup, so a reasonable but competitive field.
  • A few stars are coming out to play – 2 Boomers and one Grim, plus G’Ral Bloodsucker from the new cohort.
  • No Slann, Khorne or Pact this year, unless one joins the party late.

More to follow…

Waterbowl Weekender 14 Results

Monkeytrumpet (21672) Lizardmen

Runner up
Don_Vito (10434) Amazons

Third Place
Winkle_Picka (12545) Wood Elves

Most Touchdowns
AndyDavo (19726) Wood Elves

Most Casualties
Tats (25375) Chaos

Stunty Cup
mjallen (26077) Goblins

Best Painted
darkdan (17198) Amazons

Other Awards

  • Wooden Spoon/Boxer Shorts of Alternative Achievement
    BenShaw (27370) Humans
  • Couldn’t Score…
    gillywonka (21831) Chaos
  • Least Dangerous
    ahzek (25975) Dark Elves
  • Best Tyro!
    lolcaeser (26745) Chaos
  • Best Overseas Coach
    Candlejack (5844) Amazons
  • King of the Surfs (sponsored by AndyDavo)
    thor87 (21674) Khorne
  • The Foul Appreciation Society Award (Most Fouls – sponsored by Zerosgiven)
    FatboySlimming (25467) Chaos Pact
  • Best Sunday Comeback
    Jawa (24641) Dark Elves
  • Nosebleed Award
    Howza (27363) Skaven

New Premier League season news!

It all kicks off on January 15th 2019. As ever we will be working to a schedule of 2 weeks per round, and no extensions.

As we’d like to do a live draw on January 8th, I’ll need your teams to be on the obblm by January 7th. If you don’t have an account just go to

Please post below with your teamname & race. If you’ve not played with us before please add the coach name that you’re using on the obblm.

We are trialling a bit of a tweak to the norm this season:

Coaches playing:
Khorne, Nurgle, Chaos, Slann, Underworld, Vamps will get to choose a normal skill for two of their linemen (ie your 0-16/0-12 positionals)

Coaches playing:
Ogres, Goblins, Halfling will get to choose to have either two x normal skills as above or take a double one of their linemen (0-16 positionals)

The skills don’t count for tv. Your players will start with 0spp.

Once you’ve chosen your team please let me know your skill choices so I can put them on the website.

There will be a Stunty Cup prize for best Stunty.

Remember there’s a £5 entry for each premier league season. This is to keep the trophies and freebies pot going.