New Premier League season news!

It all kicks off on January 15th 2019. As ever we will be working to a schedule of 2 weeks per round, and no extensions.

As we’d like to do a live draw on January 8th, I’ll need your teams to be on the obblm by January 7th. If you don’t have an account just go to

Please post below with your teamname & race. If you’ve not played with us before please add the coach name that you’re using on the obblm.

We are trialling a bit of a tweak to the norm this season:

Coaches playing:
Khorne, Nurgle, Chaos, Slann, Underworld, Vamps will get to choose a normal skill for two of their linemen (ie your 0-16/0-12 positionals)

Coaches playing:
Ogres, Goblins, Halfling will get to choose to have either two x normal skills as above or take a double one of their linemen (0-16 positionals)

The skills don’t count for tv. Your players will start with 0spp.

Once you’ve chosen your team please let me know your skill choices so I can put them on the website.

There will be a Stunty Cup prize for best Stunty.

Remember there’s a £5 entry for each premier league season. This is to keep the trophies and freebies pot going.

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