Stunty Slam 16 – Saturday November 2nd 2024

The Waterbowl loves Stunties, and after creating the Stunty Cup back in the early days of the Waterbowl Weekend, we then created the Stunty Slam!

It’s the World’s* longest running Stunty tournament and we are back once again for its 16th edition.

Once again it is a NAF sanctioned event (variations)


Hall of Fame
2008 Podfrey (Flings)
2009 Jimany (Skinks)
2010 Podfrey (Flings)
2011 Leipziger (Goblins)
2012 Podfrey (Flings)
2013 Shaniepoo (Flings)
2014 Leipziger (Goblins)
2015 Cam (Goblins)
2016 CJ Blackburn (Underworld)
2017 Kfoged (Flings)
2018 Deeferdan (Flings)
2019 Edjollyboat (Goblins)
2020 The Plague beat us all…

2021 Barney the Lurker (Snotlings)
2022 Rick Wreckless (Black Orc Goblins)
2023 CJBlackburn (Snotlings)

Location: Element Games in Stockport.

Price: Entry is £8 Please send payment via PayPal to using the Friends & Family/Gift option (or arranging a cash payment)


  • 9:00-09:30 Registration
  • 09:30-11:30 Game 1
  • 12:30-14:30 Game 2
  • 14:40-16:40 Game 3
  • Prizes

Post tournament we will be heading for our traditional curry at Mr Ali’s (just up the road). 


  • Black Orc Goblins + Troll – Black Orcs may take up to 16 goblins rather than the 0-12 in the rulebook
  • Gnomes
  • Goblin
  • Halfling
  • Ogre
  • Skinks + Kroxigor
  • Snotlings
  • Underworld (No skaven)  

Roster Submission

Please submit rosters to by Friday October 25th 2024.

Changes to Note

  • Some costs have been altered to suit the current rules or how Stars will function in the all Stunty environment.
  • Some Special Rules have been added for Stars without them, and some of the Special Rules have changed.
  • Those Stars eligible for the Stunty Slam that usually have Mighty Blow +2 will have that reduced to +1
  • Bomber Dribblesnot  


The Prayers to Nuffle table has been replaced with the Pie of Fortune:

1.That’s the Kicker – for next kick-off, when the kick has been made but before the kick-off effect has been chosen, you may decide to:

  • halve the kick distance 
  • double the kick distance
  • apply no effect 

2. Butter Fingers  – randomly select a player on the opposing team. For the coming drive they find ball handling more difficult due to their butter-laden fingers. -1 to pass, catch, and intercept attempts. 

3. Noxious Fumes – one of your players has eaten a pie that’s well past its sell-by date. The results are toxic. Randomly select a player. During the coming drive this player exerts a disturbing presence effect on any player from either side that is within 3 squares of them. Should the player already have disturbing presence this will stack with it. 

4. Stomach cramps: randomly select d3 opposing players. They are cramping due to too many pies! For this drive whenever these players attempt to rush roll a d6. On a 1 they are unable to move any further and refuse to make a rush. 

5. Ahh Bisto! The sweet smell of gravy is too intoxicating. For this drive any player who successfully pushes an opposing player off the pitch must roll a d6. On a 1 they were unable to avoid the temptation and run into the crowd in search of gravy goodness (treat as if they’ve been surfed) This does not result in a turnover – unless the blocking player is the ball carrier.

6. Bad reaction – Munching pies whilst playing BB is not for everyone! Randomly select a player on your team that does not have the loner skill. For the coming drive that player gains the projectile vomit skill. 

7. Pie-rate: Randomly select a player on your team who does not have the Loner skill. This player gains the Strip Ball skill for the coming drive.  

8. Chicken Pie: Randomly select a player on the opposing team that does not have the Loner skill. For the coming drive this player is experiencing a bout of anxiety. Any time they wish to make a block/blitz roll a d6 after rolling for traits and Foul Appearance. On a result of 2+ they can successfully throw their block. If the result is a 1 then they are too scared to throw a hit. (Unlike Foul Appearance, when Blitzing the player can move. They are just too scared to engage in the violence)


  • Team build:
    Please see the updated Stars list below  
  • TV110 (1.1 million gold crowns)
  • Coaches will have 42 points to spend on skills.
  • Primary skills: 6 pts
    Secondary skills: 8 pts
  • Players may not be given Stat increases.
  • Stacking of up to 2 skills allowed on one player. These skills can both be secondary ones.
  • Skills may not be given to Star players.
  • No skill may be taken more than twice on a team.
  • You must clearly mark which players have skills by using e.g. coloured skill rings
  • Coaches may hire 0-2 stars in total.
  • Coaches must select 11 non-star players before hiring a star.
  • If a player has the ‘trainee’ skill they do not count towards the Star Player quota.

Eligible Stars:

The Black Gobbo, Deeproot Strongbranch (MB+1), Grak & Crumbleberry, Morg & Thorg (MB+1) – Morg is the updated price of 380k. Please see the BB2020 Rule Book for these players’ stat lines.

Bertha Bigfist (Ogre) 250k 6, 5, 4+, 5+, 10+  Loner (4+), Bone-Head, Break Tackle, Mighty Blow (+1), Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate

Big Jobo Hairyfoot (Halfling, Ogre) 120k 4, 3, 4+, 5+, 9+ Loner (4+), Dirty Player, Tackle, Wrestle, Stand Firm, Stunty 

Bomber Dribblesnot (Not Halflings or Skinks) 50k 6, 2, 3+, 4+, 8+ Loner (4+), Accurate, Bombardier, Dodge, Right Stuff, Secret Weapon, Stunty Special Rule: Kaboom – once per game, if an opposing player catches a bomb thrown by Bomber the coach may choose to have the bomb explode immediately rather than rolling to see if they can throw the bomb again.

Cindy Piewhistle (Halfling) 50k 5, 2, 3+, 4+. 7+ Loner (4+), Dodge, Accurate, Bombardier, Secret Weapon, Stunty Special Rule: All You Can Eat. Once per game, Cindy may perform two Throw Bomb Special actions rather than one, though she must commit to doing so before making the first action. If she does, immediately after performing the second Throw Bomb special action roll a D6. On a 1-3 Cindy is immediately Sent Off. 

Fungus the Loon (Black Orc, Goblin) 80k 4, 7, 3+, NA, 8+ Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Ball & Chain, Secret Weapon, Stunty Special Rule: Whirling Dervish – Once per activation Fungus may re-roll the D6 when determining which direction he moves in.

Kreek Rustgouger (Underworld) 170k 5, 7, 4+, NA, 10+ Loner (4+), Secret Weapon, Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile Tail, Ball & Chain, No Hands Special Rule: On the first occasion that Kreek would be sent off the pitch he refuses to go and gets to stay in play

Madcap Miggz (Black Orc, Goblin, Snotling) 150k 6, 4, 4+, NA, 9+ Loner (4+), Leap, Break Tackle, Claw, Very Long Legs, No Hands, Unchannelled Fury

Nobbla Blackwart (Not Halflings) 140k 6, 2, 3+, 5+, 8+ Loner (4+), Block, Dodge, Chainsaw, Secret Weapon, Stunty Special Rule: Master Of Disaster – Once Per Game May Reroll A 1 When Rolling To Make A Chainsaw Attack Special Action

Puggy Baconbreath (Halfling) 160k 5, 3, 3+, 4+, 7+ Loner (4+), Block, Dodge,Nerves of Steel, Right Stuff, Stunty Special Rule: Consummate Professional – as per Griff 

Ripper (Black Orc, Goblin, Snotling) 250k 4, 6, 5+, 5+, 10+ Loner (4+), Grab, Mighty Blow (+1), Regeneration, Throw Team-Mate Special Rule: Perfect Spiral – once per game Ripper may attempt a TTM action from Long Pass range. This carries an additional -1 modifier (so -3 in total)

Anqi Panki (Skinks) 210k 7, 4, 6+, – , 10+ (Loner 4+), Block, Grab, Stand Firm 

Glotl Stop (Skinks) 360k 6, 6, 6+, – , 10+ (Loner 4+), Animal Savagery, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Prehensile Tail

Zolcath the Zoat (Skinks) 230k 5, 5, 4+, 5+, 10+ (Loner 4+), Disturbing Presence, Juggernaught, Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile Tail, Regeneration, Sure Feet . Special Rule: Excuse Me, Are You A Zoat? – Once per game, when Zolcath is activated, he may gain the Hypnotic Gaze trait. You must declare this special rule is being used when Zolcath is being activated.

Stunty Slam Guest Stars – Please note that these Stars remain Race Specific:

Hogstopper (Halfling) 90k 5, 2, 3+, 3+, 7+ Loner (4+), Stunty, Dodge, Right Stuff, Wrestle, Fend, Juggernaught. 

Stick E.Bunn (Halfling) 90k 5, 2, 3+, 3+, 7+ Loner (4+), Stunty, Dodge, Right Stuff, Custard Pie*, Nerves Of Steel Special Rules: Custard Pie works as per Hypno Gaze 

Evilkaarenievel-Stuntfling  (Halfling) 80k 5, 2, 2+, 5+, 8+ Loner (4+), Swoop, Right Stuff, Jump Up, Wrestle
Squiggy Smalls-squig (Goblin) 90k 5, 3, 4+, NA, 8+ Loner (4+), Unchannelled Fury, Frenzy, Wrestle, Sprint, No Hands
Gobby Stiles (Goblin) 100k 6, 2, 3+, 5+, 8+ Loner (4+), Stunty, Dodge, Right Stuff, Dirty Player, Sneaky Git
Luke Guystalker (Black Orc, Goblin) 90k 6, 2, 3+, 4+, 8+ Loner (4+), Right Stuff, Dodge, Sidestep, Diving Tackle, Shadowing
Gorgerous George (Ogre) 180k 5, 5, 4+, NA, 10+ Loner (4+), Unchannelled Fury, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow (+1), Sure Feet, Juggernaught, Frenzy
Snotty 2 Hotty (Ogre, Snotling) 90k 5, 1, 3+, NA, 7+ Loner (4+), Titchy, Stunty, Right Stuff, Juggs, Sprint, Leap, Swarming
El Diablo (Ogre, Snotling) 80k 5, 1, 3+, NA, 7+ Loner (4+), Titchy, Dodge, Stunty, Dauntless, Wrestle, Jump Up
Thing From The Pit (Underworld) 90k 4, 3, 5+, NA, 8+ Loner (4+), Foul Appearance, Disturbing Presence, Stand Firm, Really Stupid, Regen
Phlegm Ratlee (Underworld) 90k 6, 2, 3+, 5+, 8+ Loner (4+), Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Prehensile Tail, Tentacles, Stand Firm
Barney the Berserker (Black Orc, Underworld) 70k 4, 3, 5+, NA, 8+ Loner (4+), B&c, Grab, No Hands, Dauntless, Stunty <NB NOT Secret Weapon> Special Rule: Trainee – this player does not count towards the Star Player limit
Gruntnarg (Black Orc) 80k 6 2 3+ 3+ 8+ Loner (4+), Kick, Catch, Thick Skull, Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff 

Da Postmun (Black Orc) 85k 6 2 3+ 3+ 8+ Loner (4+), Hail Mary Pass, Nerves of Steel, Bombardier, Secret Weapon 

Churn Sorr (Black Orc) 110k 6, 2, 3+, 6+, 8+ Loner (4+), Stunty, Right Stuff, Thick Skull, Chainsaw, Break Tackle, Sure Feet, Secret Weapon 

Drall (Skinks) 100k 7, 2, 3+, 4+, 8+ Loner (4+), Stunty, Dodge, Frenzy, Defensive 

Harmur (Skinks) 100k 7, 2, 3+, 4+, 8+ Loner (4+), Stunty, Dodge, Pass Block, Shadowing, Tackle, Arm Bar 

K’mohdoh (Skinks) 120k 6, 4, 4+, 6+, 9+ Loner (4+), Brawler, Grab, Juggernaut 

Phlegmlok (Skinks) 170k 7, 2, 3+, 4+, 8+ Loner (4+), Projectile Vomit, Wrestle, Fend, Sidestep, Dodge, Stunty 
Rick Rootless (UW) 200k 2, 6, 5+, 4+,11+ Loner 4+ Timmm-ber, Strong arm, Thick skull, Tentacles, Grab, Foul Appearance. Special Rule: Deflate Gate – Once per match you may add +1 to a landing roll from a ttm play by Rick Rootless
  • Inducements:
  • Coaches may purchase the following items from Blood Bowl Season 2 Rulebook:

– Common Inducements, (In)famous Coaching Staff, Master Chef, Wizard, Biased Ref  
– Ogre teams can buy a magic sponge for 30k This can be used once per game. The sponge can be used at the end of a drive or at halftime to bring d3 snotlings back from the ko box.

  • If two teams play and they both have the same inducements, they can still use them.

The Rounds:
1 – Winter Weather

The Weather table is not required for this round. All games are played in the Winter Weather conditions.

The icy conditions have made it treacherous underfoot, and it is extremely slippy!

The ice means that players may rush 3 times, rather than the normal 2. However, the ice makes it hard to keep control. The direction of each rush is made using the throw in template.

The coach makes the direction roll before they make the rush roll.

If the player collides with another player, roll a d6 for each player.

On a 4+ the player is placed prone (there is no armour/injury roll). If the moving player is not placed prone, they can continue to Rush. If the Rushing player is knocked down a Turnover is caused. If the Rushing player collides with one of their teammates and knocks them down a turnover is not caused.

When a player rushes when attempting to Blitz, direction rolls must still be made. This means that the player might miss their target once or twice before finding their aim (or they might miss them all together!)

If a player misses their intended target when Blitzing and instead connects with a different player, treat this as a collision.

2 – Teleporters

At the start of each half before the players are set up, each coach places three Teleporter tokens on 3 squares of their choice within their own half. 

After teams are set up, but before the kick-off is resolved, each teleporter moves d3 squares in a random direction (use a d8 and the scatter template)

Teleporters cannot scatter off the pitch, but they can scatter into the opposing half. If a teleporter scatters onto another teleporter, both scatter again. If the teleporter scatters onto a player that player is teleported.

If the ball lands on a teleporter and then lands on the same one when teleporting, the ball is ejected to a random square adjacent to the teleporter.

If the ball goes into the teleporter from kick-off and ends up in the opposition’s half this will result in a touchback.

A player may enter onto a Teleporter square using 1 square of movement as normal. The player then rolls a d6 to see which Teleporter they are transported to.

If the player roll the same number as the Teleporter they entered into, they are immediately placed in the reserves box. If this player was the Ball Carrier then a turnover is caused.

Players exit the Teleporter via a random direction, determined by a d8 roll using the scatter template. If another player is blocking that square, they are pushed back.  

You may attempt to pass the ball through a Teleporter.

If the ball lands on a Teleporter, it will pass to another Teleporter in the same way a player would.

If a member of your team catches it when it comes out of the second Teleporter, a Turnover is not caused, and you may continue your turn.

If the ball Teleports back to the same Teleporter it started in, it simply scatters one square.

You may block a player into a Teleporter as if it were an empty square. 

3 – Spuds check + Clone Ball
The teams are playing their last game in the most feared stadium in the Old World – the Neue Den. The crowd are baying for the blood of both sides, the atmosphere is not for the nervous and some players will buckle under the pressure! These guys are here to see blood, not touchdowns!

A player has to show that they have the ‘spuds’ to score.

When a ball carrying player approaches the line, they have to make a ‘spuds check’.

This is not rerollable.

On a 2+, everything is fine and they can go that final square into the endzone and score.

However, on a 1 the the player does not have the ‘spuds’ to proceed. Their turn ends with them one step from touchdown glory… and possibly ripe for a mauling!

Similarly, if a player is already in the endzone and is awaiting a pass/hand-off, they have to make the ‘spuds check’ to see if they have the bravery to catch the ball and provoke the ire of the baying hordes around them!

On a 1, the player refuses to make the catch and the ball is scattered 1 square.

A failed spuds check is not a Turnover.

This means that there is the chance for protection to arrive for the ball carrying runner.

If the catch is refused, then the turn may continue if the ball lands in someone else’s hands…

If the ball carrying player is thrown, there is no need for a spuds check if you scatter into the endzone.

However, if you land and then have to move into the endzone, a spuds check applies.

A spuds check is rolled before you Rush into the endzone, or before a catch roll is made in the endzone.

Clone Ball: Play once kick-off has been resolved, but before the receiving team’s turn begins. 

If the ball is on the ground then a second ball materialises in the same square and is scattered d6 squares from the original ball.

The first player to cross into the opponent’s end zone with a ball rolls a d6. On a 1-3 the ball is a clone and it vanishes into thin air! On a 4+ the ball is not a clone, and a TD is scored. If a coach rolls 1-3 to reveal the ball is a fake, the other ball on the pitch can automatically be assumed to be a real ball and no roll is required if that ball is taken into the endzone. The Clone Ball roll is not rerollable.

A player may not carry more than one ball at a time.