The Waterbowl League

The Waterbowl League is based at Element Games

 We have a scheduled meet up night, but there is usually action going on on other nights too. Traditionally we have met on a Tuesday but until Element are in a position to fully reopen in the evenings it will be Waterbowl Wednesdays.

Element Games is not open at the moment on Monday night so you will need to play elsewhere if playing then e.g.

The Waterbowl has two leagues:

1.The Premier League: This is for new teams every season and is a fixed schedule league. There are two weeks per round. 

Now we have entered the new world of BB Season 2 we have moved (for now at least) from OBBLM to Tourplay for this competition:

In the coming season we will be using the rules from the Blood Bowl Season 2 boxset, Teams of Legend, and the Necromantic Spike edition, as well as the following sections of Death Zone:

  • (In)famous Sideline Staff
  • Wizards
  • ‘Other Inducements’ (see pages 36-39), with the exception of Team Mascots or Side Bets.
  • Mercenaries: there will be a selection of admin created Mercenaries available to coaches on Tourplay.

If there are subsequent rules and teams released we will keep you posted as to what is and is not eligible for use.


  • Coaches have two weeks to play each round’s games.
  • Coaches can play their game on deadline day.
  • Please use the appropriate round’s fixture thread on the Facebook group to arrange your match.
  • Give your opponent as much notice as possible if you are unable to make your game. 
  • Games cannot be played out of sequence.
  • Coaches may play ahead in the schedule as long as their opponent is at the same point in their schedule e.g. if both coaches have played their round 1 games before the deadline they can play their round 2 match up.
  • Matches can be played at any venue but Element Games is the default. 
  • Matches must be played face to face. Table Top Simulator, Fummbl, BB2/BB3 cannot be used.
  • There will be no extensions. If you cannot fulfil your fixture, we just roll on to the next round. 
  • In the event of a walkover, a coach will be awarded 2 x MVP, 2 x Winnings, and a victory. An admin will make the rolls for the coach.  There is no effect on Fan Factor.
  • In the event that both coaches have tried to arrange their fixture and they cannot do this due to real life getting in the way, then the fixture will be called as a draw. Both coaches will receive 1 x MVP, 1 x Winnings rolls. There is no effect on Fan Factor.

  • Both coaches will need to have Tourplay open whilst the game is in progress so that the match can be accurately recorded. Please make sure your phone/tablet is charged before the match. Both coaches will need click to end the game.

  • If you make any errors in your inputting that are not corrected before you finalise the match please let an admin know and we will correct them for you.
  • If real life is proving to be a roadblock to playing your games please let an admin know asap. Whilst we love BB we do know that real life does get in the way. 

Season Format:

There are 4 divisions of 8 teams this season and each team will play every team in their division once during the season (Rounds 1-7).

(NEW) There will then be 4 rounds of cross-division play which will form Rounds 8-11 of the regular season. You can find these fixtures here.

There is a table showing team’s cumulative points that you can find on Tourplay below the Division tables.

The top 4 teams in each conference will qualify for the Championship Play-Offs, all other coaches will be entered into the Chumps.


  • Head to Head record 
  • Most Wins
  • TD+CAS (Net)
  • TD+CAS (Gross)
  • Dice-off

The Chumps culminates in a mighty 4-way game of Dungeonbowl! 

Should playoff games still be level after normal times, if both coaches agree, the game can be resolved through a dice-off. Both coaches roll a d6 and the coach that rolls the highest will proceed. Reroll any ties. Should a coach still have any rerolls remaining from the second half they can add them to a dice roll. 


  • If the coaches proceed to Over-Time then one period of up to 4 turns will be played.
  • Rerolls do not refresh for the extra period but coaches can carry over any unused rerolls from the second half.
  • In Over-Time the onus is on the receiving team to score.
  • If either team scores in this period then the game is automatically ended, golden goal style.
  • If there are no touchdowns the team that kicked to start Over-Time will advance to the next round.


  • Coaches may use the same range of inducements that were available in the regular season up until the semi-finals. 
  • In the semi-finals and final coaches may not induce Star Players or hire mercenaries.

2. The Vets League: this is a more relaxed format than the Premier League and is often very handy for newer coaches to get a feel for the league, or for those who find a two week schedule tricky to manage.

There is no minimum commitment. Play as little or as much as you like. 

For the current season coaches are being asked to go old school and to keep their rosters up to date using pen and paper.

Coaches can have up to three ‘active’ teams per season, and usually these teams can either be rookie teams or ones that have previously played in the Vets, or in the Premier League. However, as we have moved over to a version of BB coaches will need to start new teams this season. 

You may have a maximum of 3 teams active during the Vets season. If you choose to make a team ‘inactive’ then they cannot be reactivated again that season.

You may play a particular match-up vs a coach up to twice in the regular season. 


In the Vets League coaches can use any of the rules and inducements from the Blood Bowl Season 2 boxset, Teams of Legend, and the Necromantic Spike edition, and Death Zone other than:

  • Giants
  • Blood Bowl Sponsorship
  • Stadium Ownership & Residency
  • Special Play Cards

Both coaches must agree before using special stadia, special ball, and the Deathzone mercenary rules.

You will need to post your results on our Vets League Results page for them to count.

When posting your results please include the following:

  • Coach and team names
  • Races 
  • Final team value once the game has been completed
  • The result including casualties (only blocking CAS count)

We will keep a spreadsheet of the results so that we can work out who qualifies for the playoffs.

The current Vets regular season will run until February 2nd 2022 and then there will be playoffs.

Vets Playoffs

  • Coaches must play a minimum of 8 games with a team to be eligible for playoff contention.
  • Coaches must have played a minimum of 5 different coaches to be eligible for the playoffs.
  • A coach may only take a maximum of one team into the playoffs (But by all means play loads of games with all of your teams)
  • Qualification will be based on win percentage.
  • If teams are tied on win percentage the first tiebreaker will be number of games played.