The Waterbowl League

The Waterbowl League is based at Element Games

 We have a scheduled meet up on Tuesday nights, but there is usually action going on on other nights too.

The Waterbowl has two leagues:

  1. The Premier League: new teams every season, fixed schedule, two weeks per round. The top teams go into the Championship playoffs, the others head for the Chumps, and a chance to make the 4 team Dungeonbowl final!
  2. The Vets League: this is a more relaxed format than the Premier League and is often very handy for newer coaches to get a feel for the league, or for those who find a two week schedule tricky to manage. Coaches can have up to three ‘active’ teams per season, and these teams can either be rookie teams or ones that have previously played in the Vets, or in the Premier League.