Waterbowl Tableau

Waterbowl Tableau – how it works and what we learn (by sann).

As with a few other tournaments, I have published an analysis of the rosters that people are taking to Waterbowl, one of the UK’s largest, oldest and most prestigious Blood Bowl tournament.  I’ll describe quickly what the tabs do, and then a bit of analysis.

  • Mobile Coach is designed for viewing on a mobile, so for the Coaches at the tournament to quickly check out their opponent’s roster.

The rest of the tabs are best viewed on a larger screen:

  • Coach Rosters is a full list of all the coaches with their races, and if you click on a Coach then you can see the roster
  • Race Summary shows how many of each Race have been taken, and if you click on a Race you can see who took, what positions they took, and how many of each skill were taken
  • Skill Summary shows how many of each Skill were taken, and if you click on a skill you can see which positions it was taken on. Hovering over a position with a given skill will tell you which Coaches took that skill on that player.
  • Race Position Choice is a simple table showing how many of each position were taken for each race, along with an average.
  • Skill Pack simply shows which of the Waterbowl skill packs were taken
  • The last two tabs are used in the previous ones for when you hover on a given cell, so won’t look good by themselves!

So, the findings!

  • Waterbowl is super-bash heavy this year – Undead, Dwarf, Orc, Norse, Lizards, Chaos Dwarf dominating the line-up. Has this been influenced by the removal of the 2+ TD win bonus?
  • Amazons have to have Roxy!
  • The new Ogres are lovely but not lovely enough to encourage people to brave an untiered ruleset! 10 in total in the Stunty cup, so a reasonable but competitive field.
  • A few stars are coming out to play – 2 Boomers and one Grim, plus G’Ral Bloodsucker from the new cohort.
  • No Slann, Khorne or Pact this year, unless one joins the party late.

More to follow…

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